SVS PTO Grants

Throughout the school year, the SVS PTO will embark on a series of initiatives to raise funds to support student activities, clubs, and events. Each year, the PTO's goal is to fund nearly $10,000 in grants for the following:

Budgeted Grants

SVS Athletic Department - Health & Wellness Day

SVS 6th Grade - Class Trip

SVS 7th Grade - Class Trip

SVS 8th Grade - Class Trip, Spring Banquet, Graduation Reception

SVS Middle School - Seasonal Socials

SVS One School One Book Program - Donation to support the Author visit

SVS Staff Appreciation Breakfast

SVS 11th Grade - SVS PTO Scholarships for Summer Enrichment

SVS 12th Grade - SVS PTO Scholarships for College Education

SVS 12th Grade - Graduation Breakfast and Reception

Incremental Grants

Grants approved each school year include the following (to be updated throughout the year):

SVS Debate Team - Connecticut Debate Association Membership
SVS Mathletes - Membership


To Request Funds

Additional funds are being raised to support requests from SVS Educators. If you or your class, club, or organization would like to request funds please email for a grant request form.