PTO Documents

The following PTO documents are maintained by the SVS PTO Secretary and Treasurer. Links to these documents are below. To request a PDF copy click here.

PTO Minutes

PTO meetings are held monthly from September - June in the main office at SVS. Minutes of each meeting are submitted for review and approval by the board at the following meeting. Once approved, minutes are posted below. For access to meeting minutes, please click below.

PTO Minutes - September 2019

PTO Minutes - June 2019

PTO Minutes - May 2019

PTO Minutes - April 2019

PTO Minutes - March 2019

PTO Minutes - February 2019

PTO Minutes - December 2018

PTO Minutes - November 2018

PTO Minutes - October 2018

PTO Minutes - September 2018

PTO Minutes - June 2018

PTO Minutes - May 2018

PTO Minutes - April 2018

PTO Minutes - Mar 2018

PTO Minutes - Feb 2018

PTO Minutes - Dec 2017

PTO Minutes - Nov 2017

PTO Minutes - Oct 2017

PTO Minutes - Sept 2017 

PTO Minutes - June 2017

Note: No public PTO meetings in January

PTO Budget

The PTO budget is established at the beginning of the school year and updated monthly by the Treasurer. SVS PTO is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Click here to access the approved budget for the current school year. Budget updates will be presented for review and approval at each PTO meeting.

PTO By-Laws

The SVS PTO by-laws are reviewed and updated annually by volunteer members of the board. When questions arise, the board consults the by-laws to ensure PTO matters are handled as documented. Click here to access the PTO By-Laws.