Our Mission

The SVS PTO is organized for the purpose of fostering communication and engagement between parents, guardians and educators to ensure every student in grades 6-12 has the opportunity to enhance their education through well supported activities, clubs and events.

2018/19 PTO Board

The SVS PTO is led by a nominated board of parent volunteers whose students are currently enrolled in grades 6-12 at Shepaug Valley School.

Paula Conway, President - Middle School Parent
Roxbury Resident
Region 12 Parent of  Jacob Conway 2023, Teddy Conway 2027, Amelia Conway 2031


Daphne Parker, Vice President  - High School Parent
Bridgewater Resident
Region 12 Parent of Sean Parker 2017 and Alison Parker 2019


Michelle Frankland, Treasurer - Middle and High School Parent
Washington Resident
Region 12 Parent of Janelle Frankland 2022 and Jared Frankland 2024


Julie King, Secretary - High School Parent
Washington Resident
Region 12 Parent of Wilson King 2019 and Wyatt King 2022

2018/19 Key Initiatives

Key initiatives for the 2018/19 school year include:

  1. Enhance the SVS PTO website and Facebook page to provide a platform for greater awareness, engagement and promotion of SVS.
  2. Establish relationships with educators who lead SVS after school activities and assist in
    providing parent/guardian and financial resources to support student activities, clubs, events.
  3. Recruit parent/guardian ambassadors to work with with the PTO and educators to support student, activities, events.